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Anwar Ibrahim: I might never be PM, and that’s okay

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim: I might never be PM, and that’s okay

Malaysia’s “nearly-man” Anwar Ibrahim is resigned to the possibility of never becoming prime minister, especially after choosing to ask questions on the Pandora Papers leak which has implicated several past and present leaders.

Asked by Australia’s ABC radio if he would ever get to the top post, the opposition leader said taking up the Pandora Papers issue would only make it more challenging for him to achieve that.

“The whole power apparatus, political elites, conglomerates and apparatchiks in the media will gun for you. So I don’t worry about that.

“I just do my tasks, que será será. If I continue to be opposition leader, so be it. If (I become) prime minister, I will say thank God Almighty,” he said.

The opposition leader also said he had spoken to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob on the data leak yesterday afternoon, adding that the Umno vice-president had asked him what could be done on the matter.

“I said he must conduct a full investigation. The issue is not new. In 2012, I raised the global financial integrity report which also involved hundreds of billions of ringgit (offshore). Then, in 2015, there were the Panama Papers.”

Therefore, the Pakatan Harapan chairman said, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission cannot say the issue is not new but should immediately commence investigations into the matter.

Anwar also said the corruption situation in Malaysia was “certainly not getting better”, citing the recent scandal of MACC case items worth millions, which saw the arrest of three officers from the anti-graft agency.

“No one will believe all these pronouncements of anti-corruption until and unless you are prepared to take tough measures to strengthen the MACC.”

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