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Anwar: Unity Vital for Malaysia to be Invincible

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar: Unity Vital for Malaysia to be Invincible

No country can survive as a nation if racial animosity exists!

PKR President & MP PD Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia will Not be invincible without the support from other ethnic groups besides the Malay majority.

“We have to remember, for Malaysia to be peaceful, the Malays have to be strong because the Malays are the majority. But we must also have the support of the Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Dayaks.

Only then can the country be stable,” said Anwar in response to a student who questioned how Malaysia was going to become a holistic, Islamic country.

Never negate the fact that Bahasa Malaysia and Islam are the country’s official language and religion of the federation.

Anwar reiterated his stance that economic policies should be Needs-based and NOT ethnic-based.

“We should reject aspects of the economy that are overtly raced-based. I prefer aspects of the economy that help All poor people.

“Sure, there is a big majority of poor Bumiputera Malays, but we cannot neglect poor Indians in estates or poor Chinese in town areas,” said Anwar.

During a recent dialogue at a local university, Anwar also took time to clear the air on a particular student’s distasteful perception of the DAP, that was backed by others in the hall.

“There’s this view about DAP that I want to explain. I’m friends with DAP. I’m Keadilan, don’t get me wrong. But what I don’t understand is this ‘anger’ towards DAP that is as though all our problems are because of DAP.

“The people who stole the 1MDB money is not DAP. The one that spoiled Tabung Haji, is not DAP,” he stressed to an audience of budding intellectuals who reacted wth empathy and embarrassment!

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