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December 10, 2023

Viral – Biden’s wife to Trump: ‘You are Fired !’

Viral – Biden’s wife to Trump: ‘You are Fired !’

Are You Ready To Tell Donald Trump “You’re Fired!” are the words Jill Biden used on Nov 3 and this is going viral now

Emulating President Donald Trump’s popular show ‘The Apprentice’, Dr Jill Biden, wife of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, got a very cute #hashtag going.

A video she shared on Twitter went viral since it captured the attention of the users.

The video was shared on November 3 but it is now gaining momentum with the path now clearer for Biden to become President.

In the video, Dr Biden says,

“Are you ready to tell Donald Trump, you are fired.”

Users are sharing all sorts of posts with the words “You are fired” in a hashtag.

A fan of Jill Biden shared the video with comments urging the users to make it a trend.

The fan’s caption says, “Can we Get 10k Replies with #YouAreFired , Let’s make it a trend.”

The video has also collected tons of responses from people and Twitter is now flooded with memes and reactions.

The hashtag #YouAreFired is simply being used by tweeple in their tweets.

Trump has seen his margin dwindled in marginal states where Biden has overtaken him.

But the suspense is still on and the winner may probably be declared tomorrow.

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