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GPS to back Anwar Ibrahim if Malay rulers decide on him as Prime Minister

DSAI - Anwar Ibrahim

GPS to back Anwar Ibrahim if Malay rulers decide on him as Prime Minister

Sarawak PKR info chief says decision hinges on meeting called by Agong this afternoon

MTN – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim loyalists are still hopeful that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Malay rulers will decide on the opposition leader as the next prime minister.

If the royals go in this direction during their meeting this afternoon, there is a high possibility of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) throwing its 18 MPs’ support behind Anwar, giving him a total of 123 lawmakers’ backing, said state PKR information chief Abun Sui Anyit.

Anwar, the MP for Port Dickson, is also PKR president and Pakatan Harapan chairman.

Abun Sui told The Vibes today that there are indications GPS may sway from its earlier stance to support Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob for the coveted post.

“Everything now hinges on the meeting between the Agong and Malay rulers this afternoon.

“The 18 GPS MPs are among the lawmakers supporting Ismail Sabri invited to the palace yesterday (to verify their statutory declarations).

“However, there is talk now that even though GPS has endorsed Ismail Sabri as the next prime minister, the bloc will swing its support to Anwar if the Agong and Malay rulers decide that PH and Anwar should be given the mandate to lead the federal government.

“Anwar has at least 105 MPs supporting him at the moment. If GPS swings its 18 MPs behind him, Anwar will have 123 MPs, enabling him to have a stable government.”

He stressed that the Sarawak ruling pact will confirm its position based on the decision made by the royals today.

“Furthermore, PH was the coalition given the mandate by the people to administer the federal government during the last general election (in May 2018),” he said, pointing out that the said mandate was wrested from PH following defections in February last year.

“To return the mandate to PH and Anwar now would be the rightful thing to do.

“Anwar and PH will have fresh ideas to find a solution to the Covid-19 crisis we are facing.”

Messages are being circulated among Sarawak’s grassroots in the community and civil service, calling for prayers for Anwar to be made prime minister.

The Vibes received such messages from a civil service group that did not want to be identified.

It is understood that Ismail Sabri has the backing of 114 MPs. [TV]

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