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Mahathir’s three part strategy is working

Mahathir joined the PH to get rid of Anwar as the future PM and the DAP as a strong Chinese-based party in the government. Is his ultimate aim to claim he united the Malays under the Bersatu-Umno-PAS banner?

Mahathir Bersatu PAS-Umno meeting

Mahathir’s three part strategy is working

After the incredible speech by the former political secretary of ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech, it now become clear the latter had a long term strategy when he joined the Pakatan Harapan.

It was not to bring reforms to the country, not the reforms that the PH wanted anyway. But it was more or less to achieve a series of his aims.

Here we explain what were the strategies laid by Mahathir before he joined PH and after he became the seventh Prime Minister.

It was an elaborated strategy, one that is rigged with mysteries but we will elucidate these mysteries.

We are now certain that the ex-Prime Minister had a three-pronged strategy in place when he joined the PH with the Bersatu party.

The first was to get rid of Najib Razak, the man he fought against and defeated in the 2018 general elections.

The second part of his strategy was to get rid of Anwar Ibrahim as the future PM and get rid of the DAP as a strong pro-Chinese political organisation in power.

The third was to unite the Malays under one coalition that will dominate local politics in the future and he is almost there with this strategy.


When Mahathir met Anwar at the courts for the first time in 18 years, his three-pronged strategy was already in place.

He knew that without the power of the Pakatan, which was in limbo since the PAS had left the Pakatan Rakyat, he could not defeat Najib Razak.

He must have learned how to twist his tongue before he met Anwar to offer support and to urge the reformasi leader to accept him in the new coalition the PKR-DAP-Amanah were forming.

Because his intentions were not good at the very start of this meeting. It was to rope Anwar and his friends in an alliance that he will dominate.

From there, he will be able to execute all three strategies without the PH realising the doom he was preparing for them.

It is unthinkable for Mahathir to have fought Anwar so ardently over almost two decades, jailed him and left him to rot in jail, and then to join forces with him to make him the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Its probable the PH and its leaders were a bit naive in thinking that Mahathir will hand over power to the man he imprisoned for some bogus reasons.

After criticising Anwar for years and bullying his entire family in the process, he asks the latter to bring his alliance to the mountain where he destroyed them.

Now it all make sense. If some Pakatan Harapan leaders are not seeing things clearly now, they are surely heading for a dry spell in their political career.


The mission to defeat Najib was only possible with the help of Anwar and his PH. Once that was achieved, Mahathir rolled out the next strategy. That is to isolate Anwar and blame the DAP for everything that was happening in Malaysia under the PH rule.

Look how Mahathir is walking so free and unhinged from the failures of the PH regime! He was the dear leader who was floating in the air with the love bites flying all over towards him from the opposition (Umno-PAS) in particular. Yet, he is not taking any blame for the collapse of the PH.

Nevertheless, his defeat of Najib Razak in the bags, he got the courts rolling for the 1MDB scandal. They almost botched the entire cases, or was it the strategy to lengthen the court hearings in order to reach the May 2020 deadline?

In May 2020, Mahathir was supposed to hand over power like a docile and retiring leader to Anwar. Instead, the run up to May 2020 was full of drama and strange stories of no leadership deals etc that came from the PH.

Not bringing Anwar in the cabinet was also an element that helped Mahathir in his plans. Anwar isolated from the so-called reformasi government and his closest reformists out of the game. That laid the grounds for Mahathir to plan his next move.


We all know Mahathir did the wrong thing in resigning as PM. But that was part of the plan. If he had stayed as PM and had worked on a transition plan with Anwar, it would have been different.

In this scenario, if the Bersatu and Muhyiddin were to pull out of the PH and the Azmin group were to sabotage the PKR and Anwar, Mahathir would be seen as a pro-Anwar politician.

He would have had no other choice, perhaps, than to stick to Anwar in the PH without the Pejuang.

But what happened is recorded history.

The former political secretary of Mahathir should not be dismissed.

Senator Muhammad Zahid Md Arip must be right in his statements that Mahathir was behind the Sheraton move to keep Anwar and DAP out of power. Because this is what happened!


His other aim is to unite the Malays. This is why he went to speak at the Malay Unity event where he was greeted by all parties, including the Azmin Ali wing in the PKR.

It was rude of a wing of the PKR to be present at the event as Malay leaders while Anwar Ibrahim was not invited because his party is not a Malay-based party. That was clear indication something was being concocted by the Mahathir clan. Then, the Sheraton move happened.

Mahathir was involved in the negotiations leading to the Sheraton move.

The picture that made the rounds on the internet showing Mahathir and Bersatu people in a meeting with Umno leaders and PAS leaders and the break-away faction of the PKR was taken in his house.

At that time, for sure, Azmin Ali was still a leader of the PKR and Muhyiddin Yassin was also the Home Minister of the PH. But they were meeting with their leader, PM Mahathir with a bunch of opposition leaders before the Sheraton move.

Dr Mahathir explained he was never in favour of Bersatu leaving the PH which explains that the meeting was about that. If it was about the Bersatu leaving the PH and the opposition figures were in the meeting, it was also about the formation of a new government.

In the end, if the Bersatu-Umno-PAS alliance succeeds in the next general elections, it is Mahathir who will take the credit. He will say he united the Malays because they were too divided and now they are in power.

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