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Syed Saddiq: ‘Nothing wrong with Muda members drinking alcohol’

Parti Muda - Minum Alcohol

Syed Saddiq: ‘Nothing wrong with Muda members drinking alcohol’

Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has said there is nothing wrong with party members drinking alcohol, in the wake of pictures circulated online showing people in Muda T-shirts sitting around a table drinking beer.

In a Facebook post, the Muar MP said Muda was formed on the basis of tolerance.

“As long as things are done according to the law, it is all right,” he said.

“This is a multiracial party. There’s nothing wrong with them drinking unless they will be driving. We respect their rights, and they respect ours. This is their personal right.”

He also refuted claims that the alcohol had been bought with funds meant for flood relief efforts, describing them as illogical.

“Muda is an open book,” he said. “All of our donations, 100%, are channelled to flood victims.”

Adding that he had shown all the transaction receipts for Muda’s Mari Bantu initiative at a press conference last week, he said everything had been recorded and would also be audited.

“There is no need to make claims saying that Muda has misused funds to buy alcohol,” he said, calling such accusations “cheap and outdated tactics” by desperate people.

“If you want to make something viral, let it be the issue of misconduct and the theft of the people’s money.

“Talk about corruption and the use of public funds for personal interests. These are issues that should be raised, not what people eat or drink.”

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