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Sabah Defeat Will Increase Pressure on Dr Mahathir to Quit

The PH regime is boiling down and more defeats loom ahead because of failure to keep up with promises and if they do not wake up, they die of lethargy!

The defeat in Sabah by more than 2000 votes in the Kimanis by-election will raise the pressure against Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

These are the points we can raise after the massive Kimanis defeat:

We can safely say his days are now numbered. Unless his plans to defy all odds and stay on until 2021 materialises.

Being the good doctor, Dr M might resist the temptation to quit sooner.

He sees the Pakatan Harapan leaders as soft and incapable of running the country. Obviously he do not really trust Anwar, as he keeps raising his worries if he quits and things go wrong.

Then the country will need him back at the helm. This is a direct uppercut at Anwar. Is it not saying Anwar will not be able to handle if Mahathir were to quit sooner?

On the streets, the people sees him as a temerarious old man. They think he has the DAP, PKR and Amanah in his pockets.

Why? These are the reasons why people sees the PH parties as Dr Mahathir’s lackeys:

  1. The LTTE case against DAP assemblymen
  2. The infighting and split in the PKR (denied by PKR leaders but it is as real as daylight)
  3. The silence from Amanah leaders in the leadership tussle
  4. Bersatu’s unquenched thirst for projects

The people also sees the three political formations as corrupt as the Barisan Nasional was before the 2018 defeat.

If Anwar Ibrahim do not make the move and press Dr Mahathir out, PH will be a one time government.

There will be little chance for Anwar, if he takes over in 2021, to reverse the damage done by Dr Mahathir.

The Tanjong Piai and Kimanis by-elections show the Malaysian can easily forgive and forget.

No amount of evidence or proof against the Barisan Nasional will make them change their mind.

Unless the PH rekindles and wake up.

If Tanjong Piai and Kimanis is not Dr Mahathir’s fault or as a result of his leadership failure, then PH will pay the price.

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