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Zuckerberg Suspends Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Zuckerberg Suspends Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts

MTN – Following the riots carried out by supporters of Donald Trump on Capitol Hill yesterday, the accounts of the President of the United States on Facebook and Instagram were immediately locked by the social media manager concerned.

Later, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would extend the suspension of President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely. With the suspension, Trump’s account admin will not be able to upload new posts .

The news was conveyed directly by the boss of Facebook through his personal social media page. Zuckerberg thinks that Trump is too dangerous if allowed to boast on social media.

The assessment was based on none other than the riots on Capitol Hill. Zuckerberg said Trump was deliberately using his final days at the White House to get in the way of the transfer of office to his successor, Joe Biden.

“So we are extending the blocking on his (Trump) Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks,” Mark wrote in his post .

In the next two weeks, Trump will step down. His position as US President will be officially replaced by Joe Biden on January 20.

In his post, Zuckerberg said that Facebook let Trump in the last few years, even if he sometimes violates the terms of use of social media. The reason has to do with political freedom.

However, this time Trump is seen as having gone too far in using social media to incite and incite violence.

At least four people died in the events on Capitol Hill. in Washington DC, USA, Wednesday (6/1/2021) US time or Thursday (7/1/2021) in the morning.

At that time, rioters who came from Trump supporters pushed into the senate building when the US Congress was about to validate Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election last November.

In addition to suspending Trump’s account, Facebook has also taken several actions regarding the unrest in Washington DC.

Some content that promotes violence is removed. Such as an invitation to bring weapons to several locations throughout the United States. Likewise with photos and videos of demonstrators on Capitol Hill.

“Yesterday we deleted Trump’s statements because they were judged to have their effect – most likely their intention – to provoke further violence,” wrote Zuckerberg, Friday (8/1/2021).

Facebook will also take some additional steps to tighten uploads on its social media, such as asking group admins to moderate post material before uploading.

Comments on groups containing hateful and violent speech will be automatically deleted. Facebook will also take down content that is indicated as violating its rules.

Prior to Facebook, Twitter temporarily closed its @realDonaldTrump account for 12 hours after deleting three tweets deemed misleading.

Twitter had threatened to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s account if it didn’t delete the tweet. YouTube has also deleted Donald Trump’s speech regarding the rioting in the Capitol.

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